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We'll take care of your App.

Have an App in an App Store?  ManagedApps will monitor your App each and every day to verify it’s working well.  We watch store listings and bug reports.  When there is a problem we’re there to quickly find a solution and keep your App users happy.

App Management

Stay in touch with your App.

App Statistics

Get a daily report on your App in your inbox each morning.  This includes unified statistics showing you new user signups and how existing users interact with your App, the status of your App during review, and any problems that are being worked on by the ManagedApps team.  Use our integrated portal to see historical statistics as well as the status of your Apps.

Never worry about your App's Server.

Your App needs your Server to be healthy and happy.  Our premium plan includes both App and Server management.  Supported server technologies include .NET, PHP, Rails, Java, and Node.JS, and more.

App Server

Know your Apps are always safe on the latest technology.

Update App

Don’t fear every time a new device or OS comes out, have a launch party!  ManagedApps will verify and update your App as necessary to ensure it runs on the latest technology.  We’ll keep your code healthy and current so it continues to be supportable.

Your App has a great future.

Enjoy our monthly and quarterly reports on your App status including new installations and problem resolution.  This information is a big help with your ongoing strategy to improve your App.

App Strategy

Personalized assistance when you need it.

App Development

Personal service. Emergency App support available. Full service App Studio, when you need it.  No commitment, affordable monthly plan.




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