About ManagedApps Certified Partners
ManagedApps Partners include some of the best App Developers in the business.
By working with our Certified Partners clients will receive:
  • 1. Trust that your App source code is built of the highest quality and implemented using best industry practices.
  • 2. Peace of mind knowing your investment is supported on a tested and reliable platform and network.
  • 3. Resources available 24/7 to add features and resolve issues.
  • 4. Receive instant discount on monthly ManagedApps services if your App was built by a Certified Partner.
  • 5. Continue your relationship through ManagedApps and maintain your developer as an Agent supporting your products.
  • 6. Discount on Premium ManagedApps tools for supporting, promoting, and managing your Apps.
ManagedApps Certified Partners go through a rigorous review process.
At a minimum we require the following:
  • 1. Support at a minimum iOS and Android App Development.
  • 2. Minimum business operations 2 years and 20 Apps developed.
  • 3. Usage of Agile Practices including dedicated QA with test plans and acceptance criteria.
  • 4. Expert level knowledge of all ManagedApps tools and technologies.
  • 5. Experience with AWS hosted servers.
  • 6. Training at our offices in NYC.
Please contact us with any questions or comments about our ManagedApps Certified Partner program.