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Erik's Tipping App Needs to Run 24/7


Michael Stoler
The Stoler Report App



"Managed Apps has developed a thoughtful system to continuously monitor the performance, stability, and reliability of my App Thanks!. Whenever hiccups occur (as they do!) I take great comfort in the ManagedApps team's technical skills and ability to troubleshoot and resolve the source of the problem quickly. I'd feel naked without them."


Go Cashless has developed a payment app called Thanks! on iOS and Android to let users tip anyone from their phone. While available to everyone in the US,  the product is focused on business travelers because the app's digital receipts integrate with employer's travel and expense software for easy and compliant reimbursements. www.usethanks.com

Five Star Service for Michael’s Media Distribution App


Michael Stoler
The Stoler Report App



“With ManagedApps the Business Leaders and C-Suite Executives who use my apps are guaranteed a 5 star service, every time.”


Michael Stoler’s iOS and Android apps provide to the world, NYC’s leading business and real-estate information.  They includes videos, podcasts, and articles published daily.  ManagedApps keeps the news flowing each day and guarantees Michael’s following has an excellent experience with his content.

Bige at BrightKids needs to make sure her app runs at the speed of her business




“My NNAT2 Learning App is front and center in my EduTech Business. With ManagedApps I know it’s always running, presenting my business in the most professional way, and available whenever the kids need it.”


BrightKids is a leader in EduTech in NYC.  With a student population larger than most schools, Bige Doruk their founder and CEO counts on flawless experiences for parents and kids, with their app technology.  ManagedApps provides a way for BrightKids to guarantee parents and children the experience they need and deserve to excel in their education.

Bright Kids NNAT2 App
Bright Kids
Hunter has to be confident his startup’s app is running for early adopters and investors




“For my Music App Startup, I need to know my apps are running perfectly 24/7.  ManagedApps gives me the confidence to demo my apps to my investors, VCs, and everyone I meet.”


Hunter’s industry leading music venue apps are high volume and need to give bar and restaurant owners and all their patrons the perfect experience.  Hunter has to run his app often at conferences, startup events, and in front of existing and potential investors.  ManagedApps gives Hunter the platform he needs to turn his Startup into the next big thing.

Mob DJ
Mob DJ App



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